Why Oysterr

We at Oysterr, provide a healthy atmosphere full of love and care to all our children. We ensure that our children are enveloped with a sense of security and a special feeling of being loved and nurtured.

We believe that the best way to prepare children for their adult life is to give them what they need as children, that is:

  • Stable emotional climate : When a child is with us at Oysterr, there is complete assurance of a positive, warm, caring and secure environment, which is sensitive to children’s needs, moods and ever-evolving stages of development.
  • Personalized attention : We are uniquely placed as we only offer limited registrations thus maintaining a healthy child-attendant ratio. This helps us provide personalized attention to each child and keeping them happy and well cared for at all times.
  • Absolute Hygiene : We maintain the highest quality of health and hygiene standards by regular sanitization of all rooms, furniture, toys and learning equipment. At Oysterr, all indoor areas are “No Footwear” zones. Every individual (including the attendants & care providers) in the team at Oysterr maintains high standards of personal hygiene.
  • Safety and Security : We have a custom designed the center and a central surveillance system for continuous monitoring of activities in all rooms.
  • Well-planned curriculum : Every child, we believe, has immense potential. We have carefully planned age-appropriate activities aimed at developing the cognitive, language, physical, socio-emotional and interpersonal skills of the child.
  • Well-trained team : Every team member at Oyster is individually trained to create a positive, cheerful & friendly environment for your child. The team is trained on various aspects of health and hygiene, including personal grooming and upkeep. All care-providers are duly verified and undergo a complete medical check-up.
  • Food and Nutrition : All our meals are fresh, home cooked and high on nutrition. All these meals are designed in consultation with a nutritionist as per the age of the child and are wholesome and well balanced.