Cameras in all the areas are continuously monitored in the administrative office and parents are given access to view it from their mobiles from anywhere in the world.

All camera installed are high definition resolution.

Safety Security

Safety & Security of children is of highest priority to us.

We take following precautionary measures to ensure the same:

  • A Security personnel is always available, only authorized persons are allowed into the premises.
  • Children are not handed over to anyone other than parents or persons authorized by them.
  • No child is left unattended at any time at any cost.
  • All staff members are hired only after proper background verification.

Child safe furniture and interiors.

  • 100% Non-toxic/ non-Chinese branded toys and resources like Fischer Price, Playschool, OK Play and Mother care are used.
  • All wall edges & corners are rounded & cushioned, and complete campus along with equipment is child-friendly.
  • Finger guards/door stoppers/table corner guards imported from UK are installed for child safety.
  • Anti-skid grips on the stairs for safe movement of the kids.

First-aid and emergency service available.

Fire-safety equipment is installed at strategic locations.


At Oysterr…. Maintaining hygienic center is the top most priority.

  • Least sickness rate among the kids
  • Oysterr is a “No Footwear Zone”.
  • Everyone is required to sanitize their hands before entering the centre.
  • Warm water is available always to clean the babies/kids.
  • Air purifiers are installed
  • Regular sanitization of toys & play equipment
  • Center is mopped and broomed 5 times a day.
  • Hygienic premises with regular fumigation and pest control
  • The center is completely sanitized every Saturday
  • Toilets are cleaned hourly and kept dry at all times. Neat and tidy sanitized toilets
  • Hand towels are changed daily. Each day has a different color code for towels.
  • All the helpers/ didi’s wear bandanas at all times.


What we eat:

  • Freshly cooked simple and pure vegetarian, multi-cuisine nutritious food is served.
  • Everyday a particular time is designated for fruits where kids eat seasonal fruits.

How we eat:

  • Every meal starts with thanking God and ends with thanking didi for preparing food and serving them.
  • Washing hands before and after the meal is the unsaid rule followed by each child before each meal time.
  • The habit to pile up the plate post the meal is inculcated and the children are encouraged to finish the food served and not to waste.
  • Children are patiently taught to chew properly each bite
  • Children are made independent to eat with fork and spoon.

Adult Child Ratio

  • 1:1 for infants
  • 1:3 for playschool
  • 1:5 for preschool
  • 1:8 for afterschool

Mobile Updates

Regular updates and reports about the activities and progress of the children are facilitated through our mobile app that keeps our parents informed of the daily activities and learning experiences that happen while they are at work. Parents can keep track of their child’s learning and playtime activities, food, health, nap routine, diaper changes and much more through the app. Parents will also be able to

  • Receive photos, videos.
  • Receive emergency alerts by text message.
  • View your children’s portfolio.
  • Mark your child out / sick or on vacation using our mobile application.

Also, Regular newsletters are sent to the parents to keep them up-to-date about the events that take place at the school.


Our physical space is divided into interest areas that are ideal for children to explore, make things, experiment and pursue their interests. Separate interest areas offer children a range of clear choices that make them feel more comfortable and play more positively than in a traditional setup. Interest areas are Free Play, Dramatic play, Puppet Corner, Toys & Games, Library, Discovery, Music & Movement, Cooking, Life Skill corner like setting cupboards for clothes, toys, books, laying table, making bed, taking a call, cleaning and dusting and Outdoor play.